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Bigelow Tea Chest

Bigelow Tea Chest – Great Pack to Stay Fresh

Bigalow Tea Chest

Bigalow Tea Chest

Product Description

The Bigelow Tea Chest is one of the most favoured brands of tea in United States of America. They are producing many flavoured teas which can be found in a single wooden pack.

Different flavours in this pack are black tea, green tea, herb tea, loose leaf tea, decaffeinated tea and fruit flavoured tea. Every pack of tea is rich with one advantage or the other along with different flavours. Best thing about the Bigelow tea is that these all are certified and are free from gluten.

After the invention of the Constant Comment flavour of tea, this tea producing company got stuck into the production of the different flavours mentioned above.

All these were liked by the people. These inventions of this company has made it fallen into the top and leading brands of tea. A major reason behind the Bigelow Tea Chest lies in the fact that this company believed in extracting full details prior to the production and launch of the product for public.

Important Information


Ingredients of different flavoured tea vary with taste. Main ingredients include tea, herbs and different flavours.


Different directions are there to prepare different flavours of the constant comment tea. General one is that, bring the water to boiling point and pour in into the cup over the tea bag. Let the tea brew for 3-5 minutes. After that remove the tea bag and enjoy the hot tea. People who like to have cold tea can add ice cubes into the tea after the tea gets brewed.

Product Features

  • Tea bags of different flavours are available in the wooden chest. In count there are 64 tea bags in one pack of total 8 different flavours.
  • Variety of flavours present in the wooden chest is of green tea, lemon lift, earl grey, English teatime, sweet dreams herb, mint medley herb and orange and spice.
  • Best and approved thing about the different flavours of the Bigelow tea is that, it is free from gluten and carbohydrates. This tea also keeps you away from the calories.
  • Bigelow tea is a good source of antioxidants.
  • Bigelow is one of the best and preferred teas in America.

About the Brand

New flavours of the tea were invented in the kitchen of the Ruth Campbell in the tear 1945. Intention was to invent some flavour that tastes better and is healthy for health.  His wife after going with many experiments came out with an interesting flavour of tea which was liked by the family members and friends.

This tea was named as “Constant Comment”.  This tea is now being sold in America is a wooden pack along with many other delicious flavours. After the success of this tea many more tea flavours were invented which also became successful. Every tea flavour has different ingredients which are also good for health

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