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A great collection with healthy and delicious diet recipes, including recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
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Low Glycemic Diet – Foods and Tips!

Low Glycemic Index Diet

Low Glycemic Diet: The Glycemic Index is the central focus of this kind of diet plan. The GI calculates the amount of glucose there is in the food and gives it a vale in the 0-100 range.  Foods are rated according to their GI and a comparison is made of the effect the food has […]

Diabetic Dessert Recipe – Almond Apricot Cookies

Diabetic Dessert Recipe

Diabetic Dessert Recipe – Almond Apricot Cookies I am sure that living with diabetes can be a challenge, but with this tasty recipe you can make it easier 🙂 Almond Apricot Cookies Ingredients     1 Cup almond butter     2/3 Cup Xylitol Sweetener     1 Egg     1/4 Teaspoon vanilla extract     1/3 Cup dried […]

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