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Cuisinart Griddler



Product Description

Cuisinart offers wide range of products which are very useful to be used in kitchen. This not only adds to the grace of a modern kitchen but also saves time while preparing food. Products offered by cuisinart are small in size but are enriched with the useful features which are liked by every one.

This is the reason why people prefer to purchase the cuisinart products. Wide range products of cuisinart are there but the much preferred one is the combination of five products, cuisinart countertop griddler. It includes the grills, panni press, griddle and combination of grill and griddle.

The products offered by cuisinart are made of stainless steel, that is why these are more durable and long lasting. There unique features have made these products very demanding. At the base of the griddler there is a temperature control which can be used for various types of cooking.

This product comes with a three year warranty. Lifting handle is very smooth and gives a good grip to hold. Indicators present at the outer bottom of the griddler helps in the easy operation.

Cuisinart products have defined their prestigious offers to be used in kitchen. Various options present in the cuisinart griddler has helped a lot in making the routine life and time spent in kitchen very easy.

There is great range of products available with cuisinart, but this griddler with five options is a wonderful product which has the potential to solve many cooking items with one product. One has to set the option to be used with the variation in the range of temperature used for cooking.

Other than this, cleaning is not a mess with this product. With the availability of the scrapping tool and drip tray, residue which is found in the griddler can be removed easily. Plates are the grills can be removed easily and can be washed with hands and also using the dishwasher.

Useful Features

  • Handle which is fixed with the griddler is very smooth and has a good grip to hold.
  • Grills which are fixed in the griddler and the plates can be removed easily for cleaning.
  • Cuisine griddler has the facility of adjusting with the kind of cooking.  This feature lets you cook any kind of food with variation in thickness
  • Indicators available at the bottom lets you know the working of the griddler.
  • Temperature control buttons available at the bottom lets you cook food at two different levels.
  • Cuisinart griddler is available in black colour with stainless steel body.
  • Controls lets you choose between the grill, panni press and griddle function
  • To use griddle adjustment of temperature can be made between 200 F to 425 F
  • Drip tray available in the griddler helps in collecting the waste and grease.
  • Scrapping tool available with griddler helps in the cleaning of the grills and griddle plates in the griddler.
  • There is a button present at the griddler, which helps in releasing the removing of the cooking plates.

Steps for Cleaning of the Griddler

After done with cooking, it is must to clean the cuisine griddler so as to increase the durability of the product. After switching of the plug, let the griddler be cool. After the gap of 30 – 45 minutes, with the help of the cleaning or scrapping tool, clean up the residual food particles in the griddler.

After cleaning of the food, scrapping tool can be easily washed with hands. After that, press the release button to release the grill plates. Prior to do this, be sure that the plates are completely cooled off.  After the plates are being removed these can be cleaned up in the dishwasher.

The outer buttons and knobs can be easily cleaned out with the soft cotton cloth.  If you experience any stains at the gridller than it can be cleaned of with the dampen cloth.

Features of Contact Grill

Contact grills are the best items which can be used to cook food in a short time and fast. Such category of food includes burgers, bone less chicken and vegetables. The food which is cooked on the grills gets completely grilled from all sides and gives a very good flavour. Any kind of eatable after being sliced and marinated can be grilled in the griddler.

Features of Panini Press

Panni press option in the cuisinart griddler can be used to grill any kind of sandwiches and breads. The sandwich gets the shape of the grills when these are pressed between the grills of the griddler. Fresh breads are always recommended to be used in the griddler for grilling. Panini press has the same function as of the contact grill. Only difference between the two is that pannini is used for grilling the breads.

Features of Full Grill

Full grill option of cuisinart Griddler can be used to grill the food deep inside. In case of chicken, full grill option can be used to cook the bones. In case of the full grill option, grills should be used rather than the plate side. Full grill option also allows cooking the food of variable thickness according to the liking of the person.

Features of Full Griddle

Full griddle option of cuisinart griddler can be used for baking purpose. Like if you have to bake a cake or pancakes. Other than cakes, French toast, hash browns and breakfast can be cooked in the full griddle option. Full griddle option allows cooking of the breakfast in a wonderful and a healthy way. Good area of the griddler allows cooking the breakfast for two people at a time. It allows having a healthy breakfast daily and very quickly also.

Features of Half Grill/Half Griddle

Using the combination of the grill and griddle allows you to cook eggs and potatoes at the same time. This combination can be well used in flat position placing the plates on both the grill side and griddler side.  Combination temperature control is to be used at this phase of griddler.


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