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Eat, Drink Healthy, Keep BP and Cholesterol Down!

Cooking and Eating Tips

Do you want to eat well and keep healthy too? Here is some good advice on what to eat to keep those blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check:

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1. Forego refined food. Instead, pick whole grain items and include them in your ingredients. The oatmeal, cornmeal or any other flour that you choose must be made from whole grains. Make this kind of flour a substitute for some 50% of the normal flour. You can, in a recipe that needs 4 cups flour, use a 50:50 ratio of whole grain flour and normal flour, less 2 tablespoons of the former.

2. Be liberal in your use of tomatoes, herbs, onions, vinegar. To keep healthy, use sauces that are low in fat or, better still, are free of fat. This is good for those who have high blood pressure or a high level of cholesterol.

3. In order the keep the nutrient-level and the color in the vegetables intact, do not cook them for too long a period. Steam them or stir-fry them.

4. Generally, vegetables that come in cans, or which are preserved or processed, contain very high levels of sodium. An option is to seek out veggies that are low in sodium or go for the frozen ones. Check out the sodium levels of the same products but which are made by different companies and pick the ones that contain lesser sodium that the others. To lessen the sodium content in canned veggies, wash them in cold water before cooking/using.

5. Seasonings are high-salt products and they will increase the high BP risk factor. Use herbs instead of salt or seasoning products that do not contain salt. For flavor, pungent chilies, lemon or citrus juices are recommended.

6. Smoothies are great for several of your requirements. Take any fruit that’s lying in the house, like a banana, or berries, or kiwi, or one that can be made fully into juice and add some low or free-of-fat yogurt. You’ll get tasty shakes — some 4–5 fruit servings every glass of shake. Let the one you love sip on that smoothie — it’s a healthy, cool and refreshing drink.

7. Remember, both your freezer and time must be spent well. While cooking, churn up extra ingredients that you can use for many more meals. Freeze them and then, when you are too tired, or don’ have the time, there’ a healthy meal waiting for you in the freezer!

8. Cut down on the saturated fat and use lesser calories while making muffins or quick breads. Mash three ripe bananas well, and use a cup applesauce for every cup of the following fats you use — like oil or a substitute; lard or butter or shortening.
9.  To lessen the fat content or the amount of calories in the recipes, the milk you use must be either: one per cent in place of whole or less-fat (two per cent) or simply fat-free or one per cent.

10. Use simple free-of-fat or low-in-fat yogurt or the same kind of sour cream, while baking.

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